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metaFeeder 101

The metaFeeder interface should be familiar to most Internet users and webmasters. metaFeeder is designed to mimic the way common web site search engines work. However, since it was created to generate custom RSS feeds instead of searching web pages, metaFeeder has a few differences.

Using metaFeeder

Using metaFeeder is simple. Just type one or more search terms in the search box and hit 'Enter' or click the Search button.

In response, metaFeeder will produce a results page which contains syndicated news items related to your search terms. The items will be listed with the most relevant ones first.

If your search returns results you'd like to use, simply right-click on the icon and choose "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut".

  • For Webmasters

    To add your new custom feed to a web page, paste the link into the RSS parser of your choice such as CaRP.

    We're constantly updating our database from RSS and ATOM feeds across the net, so every time a reader views your page they'll see the latest news items based on your search.

  • For Users

    To get up-to-date news related to your search terms, add your custom feed to your favorite RSS news reader like Firefox or Thunderbird.

Getting the most out of metaFeeder

If you'd like more control over the custom feeds metaFeeder generates, use the Advanced Search. For more information about using the Advanced Search see the Advanced Search Help page.

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