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What is metaFeeder?

metaFeeder is a RSS search engine that allows you to search hundreds of thousands of syndicated news items gathered from around the Internet. While web pages may be changed infrequently, RSS feeds are typically updated many times a day. metaFeeder can provide you with the latest hot-off-the-press news about nearly any subject.

But it's much more than just a search engine - metaFeeder gives you the power to place your search on any web page as a custom RSS feed! metaFeeder makes your web pages dynamic with topic-specific news, generating more traffic and higher rankings in the search engines.

Learning metaFeeder

For help with simple metaFeeder searches, see the Search Basics help page.

To create a custom feed with a more refined search, use the Advanced Search. For more information about using the Advanced Search see the Advanced Search Help page.

Suggest a feed

To let us know about a syndicated news feed not in our database, go to our Suggest a Feed submission page. Paste the link to your feed into the box and hit the Add Feed button. If the feed is already in our database, we'll let you know. Otherwise, we'll review the feed to ensure it's valid and not spammy. Once approved, the feed will be automatcially updated on a regular basis.

Contact us

We'd love to hear your feedback and requests. Feel free to email us at

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